Sorry, no new post.

No new post today because I in the last week I was busy/lazy/murdered (pick one). Instead of writing a blog post, I was working hard/thinking about working hard/being stabbed in the back. You would have been able to find me practicing my mind control/watching TV/in a fictional version of the afterlife trying to plot the ultimate success or failure of my murderers. Huh, any combination of those options would be literally true. Weird. No, you do not get any context.

Anyway, as a sort of apology for the lack of content, here’s a list of some of the Internet things I waste time on, so you can waste time too.

This site, especially the fiction. Pretty much everything on this site is hard SF, where not only can you count on everything to follow the defined laws but he probably actually wrote the equations. There’s a bunch of short stories and a book draft, but the best thing on the site is unquestionably “How to Destroy the Earth.” (This one being as much real science as SF.)

This blog, which belongs to a friend of mine who is, incredibly, even more amazing than I am. I know; I could hardly believe it either!

Myths Retold, which is basically a bunch of myths, retold. Exactly what it says on the tin. Depending on your linguistic philosophy, you might be offended by his word choice. A lot. Feel free to not read it. Assuming you don’t mind, here’s one that I like because it’s Tolkien.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Pride and Prejudice retold through Lizzie Bennet’s video diaries., for philosophy, psychology, AI things, and a bunch of fans of Bayes’ Theorem (one of the few theorems to actually have fans). I don’t endorse everything on it (that should probably go without saying for all of these) but it is definitely interesting. Start by reading the Sequences and click links like it’s Wikipedia. Here is as good a place as any to start.

Speaking of Less Wrong, read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality! Despite being a Harry Potter fanfiction, it is also legitimately one of the best things I have ever read and I mean that completely seriously. Premise: Harry Potter is a science prodigy, and (in order for there to still be a plot) everyone else gets a serious intelligence boost as well.  Its philosophy is typical of Less Wrong not of me, and the science is way too advanced for eleven-year-olds. Warning: Long. Also, it might make you smarter. If you have not read it yet, drop whatever you are doing and go read it. You should not even have taken the time to finish reading this sentence.

This guy’s blog. He is very good at philosophy, humor, logic, and playing devil’s advocate, and is basically made of awesome. He also updates more frequently than I dare to wish I could. Also, this is the guy behind the playable version of Dungeons and Discourse. Read this post on evidence standards and how the President is a fish, or anything in the superweapons sequence. If those are a bit serious for you, read this one about possible fictional magic systems for sheer concentrated awesome. (The blog recently moved, so those are all on the old site but anything new is on that first link.), since I’m a fan of free speech and all that stuff, and this is a good (and credible) source for Righteous Indignation. Not really related to many of the other things on this list.

Except for Law and the Multiverse. Superheroes, Supervillains, and the Law. Surprisingly, the current law is often equipped to handle this kind of thing.

Also, I have a Twitter @superlativeish. (@comparativelysuperlative was too many characters.) You may as well follow me.


One thought on “Sorry, no new post.

  1. Rory

    Hmm, I’m guessing the murdering and stuff was because you were playing Mafia, and plotting while you were in the area for dead people.


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