Recommendations post, Mark II

No new post because I’ve been busier than usual, but in the spirit of posting my procrastination, here’s some stuff I recommend wasting time on.

Saga of Soul is what happens if you start with a fairly standard magician/superhero story, except that she’s also a scientist. Picture what would happen if someone with Green Lantern’s superpowers was smart. Conservation of momentum, teleportation, afternoon trips to the Moon, and assorted other cool things. The writing leaves a lot to be desired, especially at the beginning, but I think the premise makes up for it. Like the next thing, it’s written by a troper, so expect references to TVTropes.

Worm is another subverted superhero story. This one’s not explicitly science-based, but does feature a smart protagonist. Opposing characters have powers like the ability to make any device (once), various levels of invulnerability, being a giant city-destroying monster, or mind control plus literal omniscience. There’s even a couple characters with various forms of the power to have all the powers.
The protagonist gets to control bugs.
The number of surprising twists is high enough that it should itself become predictable but somehow doesn’t, and awesomeness is to be expected.

This. Just…this. (If you want to be boring about it, it’s a historical instance of a special interest lobbyist.) Mythological references. A fantastic vocabulary. Even some of the innuendoes are clever. I don’t know if the writer had a really cool turn of phrase or if everyone talked like that in  her century. Anyway, she was horribly upset at the national emergency of men drinking coffee instead of alcohol, and wrote to the awesomely named Keepers of the Liberty of Venus (apparently women’s political groups were a thing in the 1600s?) demanding that they get coffee banned. Her reasons will probably not shock you, but definitely surprise you.


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