No post, for actual good reasons this time

No post today because my past and future selves were conspiring/will conspire against me. They came up with an actual written “No Fun” policy to force me to do their homework. Note to self: Try to avoid having to negotiate with people who can agree to things on your behalf. It also doesn’t help that they’re collectively smarter than me and one of them thought of a way to stop me from trying to out-think them. So I’ve been busy and didn’t write a blog post. This will probably also cover next week, but I’ll start again after that.

For the mandatory list of other things to waste time on,
I found out recently that this exists. John Rawls’ “A Theory of Justice,” the Musical. I plan to watch this when I have time because I’d be surprised if it fails to be excellent.

There’ll probably be a new chapter of HPMoR today! If you’re not excited about that, consider it less of a recommendation and more of an imperative. Go read it.

I have another blog now, which will probably be strictly less entertaining than this one. If for some reason you want to read me ranting about things that aren’t even funny, click here.


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