My name is Nate Gabriel, and I’m some guy strange enough that I’ve heard I should get a blog. So I did. The stuff posted will probably also be strange, but should make some kind of sense if you look at it sideways and squint.

This blog is where I post some of my procrastination. Unusual science questions, recreational mathematics, fiction and mythology, Oxford commas…whatever I feel like, really. Mainly it’s here because it’s fun for me, but when other people enjoy it too then that makes me happy.

I’ll keep posting things every Wednesday until I stop, after which I won’t until I do. It’s not very planned, but I’ll probably last for a while.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Anonymous

    I enjoy reading your blog so much! And from what shows in your writing, I really like your mind. I feel like you could also be a successful youtuber, if you might enjoy talking about these topics out loud and in front of a camera.


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